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At Given Smile, we use the latest technologies of facial analysis and facially driven ideal smile design to help improve the communication with our patients.

Using intra-oral scanners and software, our patients are involved in the process of designing their new smile and being committed to reproducing it with absolute accuracy.


Our main goal is to make you smile with confidence.


Digital Smile Design (DSD)

DSD is a concept that uses systematic approaches and strategies to improve diagnosis, enhance comprehensive dentistry, smile design, and minimally-invasive techniques, giving a holistic approach with longer-term results.

The purpose is to use technology to improve efficiency and communication with our patients, to achieve the ideal treatment plan and a shared goal.

Digital Smile Design - Given Smile

Accredited as a quality private dental practice

Given Smile has been awarded Accreditation status, which means that our processes and standards have been assessed and accredited to the National Safety and Quality Health Standards. Thanks to our accreditation, you have the peace-of-mind of knowing that at Given Smile we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in sterilisation and infection control procedures.

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