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Cancellation Policy

The Given Smile Team understands your time's value, and we do our best to cater our appointments to suit you.  However, we ask that you also consider our time and understand that our priority is providing you with the best quality and service by using efficient appointment times and staff.

When an appointment is cancelled at short notice, it costs us money and affects other patients who are trying to make an appointment.

Please advise us if you cannot make your appointment as soon as possible. You will receive a reminder 48 hours before the date, so please respond promptly.

  • An $89 fee will be charged if you fail to attend your appointment without further notice.

  • Failing to attend, cancelling, and rescheduling with 24 hours' notice for an understandable reason is acceptable, as we understand life circumstances may arise. However, if this is an outside reason, we will charge a consultation fee of $89 upfront.

  • Arriving 15 minutes late may affect your consultation. The dentists will do their best to address your issues during the remaining time of your appointment.

  • If appointments are longer than 60 minutes and frequently rescheduled or cancelled, we may ask you for a deposit of $89 to secure your next booking. This deposit will be credited to your invoice at the appointment time. If you fail to attend for a second time, this will be charged as a fee and not refunded.


Our policy has been created for all our patients who deserve the best quality and service and for our staff to be able to provide this efficiently.


We appreciate your understanding.

Given Smile

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